PAIR Couple Inventory:
Personal Assessment of Intimacy in Relationships

PAIR is a 36 item instrument that assesses five types of intimacy. It enables a couple to describe their own relationship as they experience it and how they would like it to be. PAIR can be used for all types of dyadic relationships including friendships, dating, premarital, cohabiting, and marriage relationships.

PAIR measures several kinds of intimacy that a couple may experience: emotional intimacy, social intimacy, sexual intimacy, recreational intimacy, and intellectual intimacy. PAIR measures both the perceived (36 items) and expected (36 items) levels of intimacy in that relationship. The discrepancy between the "perceived-expected" descriptions provides an assessment of their satisfaction in each of these areas. It can also provide directions and goals for couples in either therapy or enrichment programs.

PAIR has been systematically developed so that it will provide reliable and valid information about a couple. A conventionality scale has been included to indicate how much individuals attempt to "fake good."

You only have to purchase PAIR once. You receive permission to reproduce your own copies. PAIR is a self-scored inventory that can be scored in a matter of minutes.

The PAIR Packet includes:

  • PAIR Manual
  • 2 PAIR Item Booklets
  • PAIR Administration and Scoring Booklet
  • 2 PAIR journal articles
  • Abstract Form

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